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"Benjamin proves that not all financial advisors are blood sucking leeches. He gives straight advice that you can actually work with. He'll show you sound fundamentals and help you be disciplined to stick to a good plan. His fee structure protects you from the kind of nonsense that's woven into many financial planners' products. If you're thinking about being serious with your money, schedule an appointment with Benjamin."    – Keoke K.



"Amie helped ease my anxiety and put me on a path towards finally paying off my debt. She worked with me on how to save on credit card interest, and where to start a savings account. I feel very fortunate to have Amie's help with my finances, she truly cares about her clients."    – Madison G.


"After my first call with Benjamin I knew his approach, attitude, values and personality were aligned with ours and that he was who I wanted to work with. Benjamin has an incredible way of making finances feel more approachable, and the uncomfortable talks feel more normal. His attitude is always positive and proactive."   – Kathryn R.



"Amie is an absolute asset! Not only does she clearly know what she's talking about, she also does a fantastic job of explaining complicated ideas in ways that make sense. Before speaking with Amie, I didn't feel financially literate, whether when trying to open a high-yield savings account, rollover a 401k or refinance a mortgage. There's no such thing as a dumb question and I feel empowered to make informed decisions about my finances because of Amie."    – Chelsea H.


"Benjamin is an incredible financial adviser! He genuinely cares for his client's well being and is an overall good person. He has helped my wife and I navigate subjects like student debt, investing, and tailored a unique financial strategy that fits the context of our lives as individuals and as a married couple. Benjamin is warm, witty, funny, and incredibly welcoming. We feel very lucky to have his services."   – Nathan M.



"Amie is easy to talk to and I trusted her right away. In just one short appointment she laid out a simple, specific, non-threatening list of things I could do that day to put myself on a better financial path. She followed up with additional supportive information via email. I definitely recommend her and hope to work with her again in the future!"    – Katie C.

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